Greater Mankato Growth Launches New 'Business Beat' Video Series

Video screenshot from the Business Beat video series from Greater Mankato Growth

Image: Screenshot - See site below for video introduction to The Business Beat by Greater Mankato Growth.
Mankato, MN - Greater Mankato announced a new video series launch called The Business Beat, which will discuss key issues around economic development opportunities in the Greater Mankato area. The have released their first video as an introduction to the new series, available below.

Greater Mankato Growth Inc. is the parent of City Center and Visit Mankato, the tourism and urban planning groups in the area. They made their announcement in an email newsletter today.

"Each show consists of three five minute segments that include one five-minute news and marketplace highlights segment and two five-minute spots featuring Members 2 Remember that will air for a month on KTV (public access television). Check back each month and enjoy the show!"

The group also recently promoted an annual business expo that was held at the Verizon Wireless Center in downtown Mankato yesterday. It was free to the public.

Mankato is currently undergoing reasonably sized growth as a small city. Greater Mankato Growth continues to consolidate its network to bring more investment and growth to the community.

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