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Minnesota's Medical Cannabis Program Fast to Move But Overshadowed by Restriction

medical marijuana in minnesota in pill and oild form. Image attribution at ZoomVillage.com

Minnesota's highly restrictive medical cannabis laws were discussed and constructively criticized at length in the Drug War Times today. The program is heralded for its quick passage through legislature and implementation in the state, but criticized by reformists who say there are too many restrictions and not enough access, plus the products are expensive causing many to purchase their pot illegally.

Are U.S. Extreme Right Wing Movements Mostly Racist?

Jamar Clark Protests

Extreme right wing groups have gone from a fringe group to larger numbers as Trump gains momentum. Are racists trying to claim the right wing as their own? The man that shot protestors in Minneapolis may provide some clues.

Blue Earth County Absentee Ballots Available

blue earth county

Blue Earth County announced availability of absentee ballots

Election Filing Info Made Easier to Access in Blue Earth County

Blue Earth County announced easier access for election filing information, which can now be found online.

Greg Palast Has Uncovered a Variety of Voter Fraud

Greg Palast

Greg Palast is an independent journalist who has been uncovering the subtle and seedy voter fraud going on the United States for several decades on both sides of the mainstream political fence. See what he has to say about Bernie Sanders, according to this Independent Forum Review (IFR) article.

MN Water Quality Becomes a Hot Topic in Politics

Sen. Kathy Sheran has announced a bill to improve water quality in the state of Minnesota.

Minnesota Breathalyzer Refusal Law Challenged in US Supreme Court

RNC White Police Officers

On April 20, the United States Supreme Court will rule on whether or not the "implied consent" law, which refers to being charged with a crime for not submitting to a breathalyzer test, is actually constitutional or not.

Mapleton Water Treatment Plant Compromised

The City of Mapleton announced its water treatment plant is compromised.

BEC Commissioners Campbell and Stuehrenberg go to NACo Conference

BEC Commissioners in DC

Blue Earth County Commissioners Drew Campbell and Vance Stuehrenberg Participate in NACo’s Legislative Conference: Local Leaders underscore county’s role in serving their residents.

Mankato State of the City Addresses Issues Locally

The City of Mankato's State of the City Address will be announced by city staff soon. The State of the City is an attempt to review progress and challenges that face the Greater Mankato area.

Resources, technology, engagement, infrastructure and demographics are a key focus for the Mankato State of the City, according to a news release from the city.