Mankato news

Mankato Elminates Organics Recycling Site Fee

Full Circle Organics

There is no longer a fee for using the orgnanics recycling facility in Mankato.

Mankato Water Quality Report Chart

mankato water quality chart

See the chart for Mankato's annual water quality check.

MSU and BECHS Host 1000 Peace Crane Project

BEC Historical Society

The Community Engagement Office and the Memorial Library at Minnesota State University plan to host a project in the community called the 1000 Peace Crane Project at the Blue Earth County Historical Society June 29. msu mankato

Tornado Activity Strong in Southern MN

Storm in Blue Earth County, tornado sighting

The Mankato area saw heavy rain from a storm system. Tornados touched down nearby including Waterville, Vernon Center area and Eagle Lake.

Alleged Counterfeiters Arrested by Mankato Police

mugshots from Mankato police

MANKATO GAZETTE—Three men were charged with counterfeit currency possession after police were tipped off, according to local reports.

Election Filing Info Made Easier to Access in Blue Earth County

Blue Earth County announced easier access for election filing information, which can now be found online.

Month of May Police Reports from City of Mankato

Read a list of the police and emergency reports from the City of Mankato

Minnesota Valley Warriors Defeat Brawlers Saturday in Madelia

The Minnesota Brawlers were defeated by the Minnesota Valley Warriors of Minnetonka on Saturday in Madelia. Watch the full video here.

Brawlers v Sting in HD Full Game and Stats

Get the scoop on last weekend's Brawlers game against the Sting in Madelia.

Brawlers v Sting Full Game in Low Res, Full HD Coming

Watch the full game in HD below on the Mankato Gazette Zoom Village video page.