Mapleton Water Treatment Plant Compromised

According to the City of Mapleton:
The City of Mapleton Water Treatment Plant produces drinking water for all of Mapleton. This facility is comprised

of four-cell steel gravity filter. This filter was put in 1985. It is time for a rehabilitation of the water treatment facility.

The filter plant will be shut down on Friday, March 25. During construction of these improvements, you may notice some unavoidable changes in your water quality. When the water treatment filter is not in operation, iron and manganese will not be removed from the water distribution system. While the iron and manganese is not considered harmful by the US- Environmental

Protection Agency, and Minnesota Department of Health, you may notice some esthetic changes: color, taste, or odor. Special attention should be made when washing light colored or white clothing. We will still be treating the water for lead, fluoride and chlorine as normal. We will treat with an orthophosphates. This may help with the iron in the water.

The completion date of the work is July 20, 2016. Please watch our city Facebook page or our mass email for any updates on the project.