Are U.S. Extreme Right Wing Movements Mostly Racist?

Jamar Clark Protests

Photo by Fibonacci Blue: Jamar Clark was shot and killed by Minneapolis police officers on November 15, 2016. The protesters demand that officers Mark Ringgenberg and Dustin Schwarze be charged with second-degree murder or manslaughter. On March 30, Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman announced the officers who killed Jamar Clark will not be charged.
Republicans. Libertarians. Tea Partiers. Trump Supporters. You can see the lineage of this right wing phenomenon that is moving through the United States the same way it is moving through other countries like Norway, Germany and the United Kingdom (UK). These right wingers are concerned, at their highest priority levels, with immigration (from Mexico), a globalist takeover, the birthplace of the president, conspiracy theories, the welfare state, Muslim terrorists and property rights (as opposed to human rights). These people are usually white/Caucasian (European American), uneducated, blue collar (working class) men (sometimes women too) that want a return to the "good old days" of white America—even though that country doesn't exist anymore.

These are not Eisenhower-type Republicans, social conservatives or even fiscal conservatives. Their philosophy is mostly based on a feeling of uneasiness with a loss of power they feel as the country becomes more modern, more integrated and more socialist or left leaning. There seems to be a fantasy that exists in their mind about how "great" America was, even though it hasn't been that great for minorities and even poor Caucasians (who are becoming a minority themselves).

Allen Scarsella, who was a friend of a local Mankato police officer whom he told about shooting protestors in Minneapolis who were gathered to make their voices heard about police shooting unarmed black men, seems to be one of these men. Reports say that his views are "intense", which invariably means he holds values that coincide the aforementioned concerns of these right wingers. Though most of them do not overtly claim race is a motivation or factor, it is implied in their language and many of their supporters are linked to racism. In fact, the protestors that Scarsella's attorneys allege attacked and chased Scarsella and other defendants who were his accomplices, are reported to have believed these white men to be police or members of the Klu Klux Klan (KKK) just there to stir up trouble in the community. Last year, the cyber hacker group Anonymous released several telephone numbers and email addresses of known KKK members on the Internet. The operation called #OpKKK is part of a campaign to expose such racist activities within our society using the Internet as a tool of dissent.

These men often see themselves as part of a revolutionary force in America and they romanticize a constitution they understand little of. They are generally isolationist and many among them simply do not like non-white people, groups and agendas. They want to be part of militias but do not necessarily share the same values as many militia members themselves. They view the United States as a Christian nation rather than a nation of many faiths and non-faiths. They also seem to believe that social programs are akin to Stalinism, even though more subsidies go to corporations than individuals/families. One of their main gripes is they are afraid the government is coming to take all their guns away.

This movement in the United States should be concerning to anyone, as much as Islamic or other radical terrorism. Their ideas are the issue here. Even the FBI considers these groups and individuals to be the most dangerous threat to the country, along with financial and cyber threats and, yes, Muslim terrorist groups/individuals. What is also important to remember is that these people do not represent the general or moderate right wing in America. Not all social and fiscal conservatives are racist. In fact, the vast majority may not be, but the extremists among them are helping to kill their cause and the GOP at the same time to most logical Americans. The future of the Republican party may be dismal after this election cycle.

Race undoubtedly plays a role in American life, but will Americans sufficiently challenge these ideas or succumb to apathy in favor of gadgets, convenience and comfort?

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