Buy and Sell: Mankato Gazette Online Shopping and Community Store

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Mankato newspaper and tourism guide includes an online Community Store. Any registered Mankato newspaper user may submit a product, but an editor must approve each product before it appears in the store. Fees for selling products work like this:

Businesses and individuals pay 5 percent of their sales (excluding shipping fees) to the newspaper.
If you promise to donate at least 10 percent of your product's sales to a local non-profit, you pay no fees to the newspaper.
Local non-profit organizations pay no fees on the sale of their products.
In each case, there are no listing fees, so if you sell nothing, you pay no fees of any kind.

Here's how to get started:

Register for free.
Login, click "Community Store" and click the link to submit a product.
Enter the name, description, price, etc. of your product and upload a photo.
Enter your PayPal account name so buyers can pay you directly.
Once an editor approves your product, it will appear in the Mankato newspaper's online store.