Food App a Game Changer for Consumers, Brands, Experts, Restaurants, More

A new social media web application that focuses on food, health and diet is preparing a spring launch, moving the service from BETA mode.

The founder of had a special lightbulb moment when attempting to find appropriate dining options for her father, whom she was caring for and had special diet requirements. The amount of information that comes up from a Google or Bing search was simply too overwhelming to filter and find quality data. There must be a better way to do this. She laid the foundation for that with

Users looking for trusted information from individual members of their network will be able to get useful and relevant information faster and with better results. Consumers can connect with chefs, food brands, restaurants, nutritionists and other personal contacts in their network on the site. Think of it as the LinkedIn for food, as it has been referred to.

Brands and restaurants will be able to engage directly with these consumers as well, helping to nurture loyalty from fans and new customers with promotions targeted at specific consumers in the food space.

Like other social media sites/apps, personalized data about particular food information and interests will be curated for users' feeds to help them with their individual quests for their respective food info hunts. It just takes a few clicks to navigate to very useful information as opposed to the tedious amount of research and trial-and-error required with Googling for that same information. It is also very analogous to crowdsourcing.

The service was developed by a special team of software engineers and programmers. The proposed launch of the FoodNiche service will be in the spring of 2016.

In the meantime, users can still login to the site and use it BETA mode and/or create an account and start experimenting with it. It is a great opportunity for many food related businesses to get accounts at the site and start experimenting as well to prepare for their marketing efforts to engage with foodies, health conscious shoppers and other consumers in the $500 billion plus food industry globally.

As the United States continues to try to deal with obesity and other health issues, sites like this will likely grow in popularity the same way online dating and other social media sites/apps have. Other trends such as craft beer, food with integrity in manufacturing/production, farm to table, GMO vs Non-GMO debate, organic movement, health and wellness movements, etc. are also factors for food companies to consider. Sites like FoodNiche are an opportunity for them to capitalize on consumer demand for quality, information, health and values in food.


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